Patterns/Forms Rules

Point scale.
6.0 – 10.0 for all competitors. 

Many competitions use the 6-8, 7-9, & 8-10 scoring method.  However, this really limits the scoring more than enhances it.  Everyone in the ring should be the same level or at least close.  Call out your first three competitors and use them to set the tone for scoring.  For example, three competitors come out with the first one makes a solid showing but nothing spectacular, the second one doesn’t do as well, and the third one has great timing/power/balance.  Give the first competitor an 8.0.  Give the second competitor a 7.0 and the third competitor a 9.0.  Now your standard has been set.  Someone doesn’t do as good as the second competitor, give them below a 7.0 (like 6.5).  Someone does better than the third competitor, give them above a 9.0 (like 9.5).  Based on tenth point scoring, now we’ll have 40 possible scores instead of 20 making it nearly impossible for a tie.

Award points down to tenth scale only.  In case of a tie, the center judge will notify the tied competitors and then call them out one at the time until they’ve all gone again.  Then the judges will all point to the best, second best, and so on as necessary to fulfill the 1st – 3rd place,  For Grand Champion form competition, there will be five judges and score keeper will discard highest and lowest score.

All judges are reviewing overall form.  Because there are many interpretations of forms, it does not matter if the form is not done that way in your school.  The technique and difficulty should be judged in comparison to the other competitors.

Gymnastics – this is a martial art competition – not a gymnastics meet.  Flips and such should not influence the judge’s score unless it has some “martial art value.”

Musical forms may or may not have weapons.  Judges MUST inspect weapon before competition (when your name is called to compete, present weapon to center judge).  No sharpened blades!

Ring sizes vary depending on the tournament and some forms may go out of the ring.  Please do not count off for this.  Hopefully the competitor will have notified the judges but sometimes they may forget.  Don’t forget how nervous most of us were the first time we stepped into a ring.

All students must wear a traditional or school uniform.  There should not be any issues with this by the time they get to your ring.

What to do if your student is in your ring.  Be professional and make fair calls.  If this is too much, ask for another ring or pay the spectator fee and watch from the spectator area.

See an arbitrator if any problems that can not be resolved in the ring. Arbitrators will be announced before the competition begins.

What we expect: A safe and fun competition for the entire family that will make people feel compelled to attend every year. We want this to be a positive experience.  Please refrain from foul language and tobacco products while at our family event.  For many people, this may be their first competition.  A bad judge or bad experience may very well stop them from ever competing again in this tournament or anyone’s.  So please be professional and make sure everyone has a safe and fun experience.