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Below you will find the PDF for Gulf Coast Martial Arts Championships.   As always, we aim to improve the event and hope this registration form will follow that theme.  After reading instructions below, download form, save it to your computer, fill it out, save it again, and email to  Depending on the computer, you may have to print it, scan it, and then email it.

For timelines, if the competitor is doing weapons OR musical, the entry should be submitted by Monday before the tournament.  You can email registrations in for other parts of the tournament up to Thursday about lunch time.  The email is autoset to be off for the weekend as of 8AM the day prior to tournament so that we can set the rings up and run a fun & efficient tournament.

Some clarifications/instructions:

First section is straightforward.  This is the place to put the COMPETITORS info.  Anything with an asterisk is a required field (which is everything but the phone number)

Second section is the School info which is helpful information so we can recognize your school but not required info.

Third section is the actual division info.  For the day of the tournament, select the age, skill level*, & sex.  Then check the boxes for whatever they wish to do be it forms, sparring, self defense, and musical or weapons.  Notice the specialty division MUST be on-site by 830AM or risk missing the ring assignment.   Make sure to check the box about skill level (division level)

Now you should have it done.  Download form below, save it to your computer, fill it out, save it again, and email to  Depending on the computer, you may have to print it, scan it, and then email it.  KEEP THE PRINTED entry form and bring it with you just in case we didn’t get it.  Come to the front entry area, give competitors last name, pay entry, and have an AWESOME day!

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ENTRY Form:  June 8, 2024 Registration

*Belt colors listed in the skill area are just a general observation.  At our own school, green belt level is beginner.  Time in training can be tricky sometimes. Some martial art schools promote fast and some promote slow.  We’re not here to judge nor discuss how your instructor runs their school.  However, we are here to try and keep a level playing field for everyone.  As such, the norm for most martial art schools is a 3-4 year black belt program.  So we’ve broken down color belts into three divisions.  ROUGHLY, the first year is beginner, the second year is intermediate, and the third year is advanced.  When in doubt, ask the instructor/owner of your school.  If they have questions, they’re welcome to contact us.  Some schools promote to black belt in 18 months.  Doing the math means first six months is beginner, 6-12 months in intermediate, and 12-18 is advanced.  Some schools have a 6+ year program so work it out.  HOWEVER, we can’t have someone competing in the same division for 3 years.  So if they’ve got five years in as a color belt, they automatically get bumped into black belt division.  Maximum time in ANY color belt division is TWO YEARS.