Gulf Coast Martial Art Championships!

Thank you to so many awesome martial artists that have supported this event over the years!


February 2017 was the biggest turnout to date with 168 competitors and between competitors, spectators, and judges, we had roughly 500 in total attendance!  We follow the public school system calendar.  What this means is there are three tournaments with a Fall, Winter, & Spring.  The Spring Tournament is the final tournament for the competition year.

The tournament is held at Davidson Middle School and very easy to find with three major road ways (Highway 90, Highway 85, & Interstate 10) coming through Crestview.  We are only 30-45 minutes from the beautiful white beaches yet inland enough to avoid the touristy pricing.

Google Map

There will be approximately 72 divisions in sparring, forms, weapons, self defense, and musical forms!  We will combine or eliminate smaller divisions.

Schedule of Events: 8AM-10AM is registration 9:00AM will be the start of weapons & musical forms 10AM is national anthem, prayer, & bow in.  10:15AM-ish is Black Belt meeting as rings are being set with competitors.  Please preregister. As always, we want to have the best event possible and try to keep things running smoothly


Starting in 2014 Tournament Year:   We no longer provide sound system.Too many format variations from jump/thumb drives, CD’s, Iphone, MP3 player, etc.   Musical form may include use of weapon if you choose.  Judges MUST inspect weapon before competition (when your name is called to compete, present weapon to center judge).  No sharpened blades!

Starting in 2017-2018 Tournament Year:  In an effort to make the tournament run smoother, as with last year, all weapons and musical must preregister the preceding Monday (Sept 24, Feb 18, & May 13).  You can still pay at the door but need to send in the tournament registration form.  We will start those divisions at 9AM sharp.

Starting in 2017-2018 Tournament Year:  Competitors cannot do musical AND weapons.  Chose one of them.  A few competitors wanted to do both and it slows the tournament way down.

Starting in 2018-2019 Tournament Year: No one can compete in a color belt skill level for more than two years (meaning beginner, intermediate, & advanced).  So after five years (on year six), color belts will need to compete as black belts.